Setting Up Scan-To-Folder (Savin)

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Setting Up Scan-To-Folder (Savin)

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:29 pm

There are 2 different pieces to setup, the source and the destination.

We'll start at the destination..

First we must either create a folder for the scans to go to or identify the folder that already exists that the customer would like their scans to go to.

If you are creating one..
From the desktop, goto "My Computer"

Double click on the C: drive (they may ask for the folder to be put on a drive with another letter specified, which is fine)

Then Go to "File" in the upper left corner of the window and choose "new", then "Folder"

Name your folder something relevant and hit Enter

To share the folder:

Once the folder is created, right-click on the folder and choose properties

There should be a sharing tab along the top, click on it

Depending on the OS and how they have it configured, this next part may vary slightly

There will be a check box or circular radio button that will enable sharing on this folder, check it.

If there is a "Permissions" Button:
click it
Click "Add" In the box that appears next type "everyone" and click "Ok"
This will make the folder accessible to everyone on the network (most importantly the MFD)
You will see "Everyone" listed in Groups/User names section of your Share Properties with optional check boxes below. Make sure that in the check boxes below that there is a check in the Allow section under Full Control. Then click Ok.


Now we'll need to locate the UNC Path for the shared folder.

(From the desktop) right-click on the My Computer icon and go to Properties

Depending on the Operating System the next step may vary, but the idea is the same..
There should be a tab that says "Computer Name" click on it

This will give you the computer name which is the beginning of our UNC path. In this example our computer name is "hobbes". You may also see it listed as:

However it is listed all we need is the part upto the first period, so just hobbes.

Now to find your UNC path

Click on "Start" then "Run"

Type: \\computername or in our example \\hobbes and Click Ok

This should open a window showing all of the shared folders and devices from that computer. At this point you should be able to see the folder that you shared out. Double click on it and your Address bar should read something like the following:


This is the UNC path that you will have to put into the MFD's addressbook.

Always check to see if the user is running a Firewall program such as: Norton Internet Securities, McAfee Internet Suite, or ZoneAlarm. If they are, the customer will need to program the application to allow traffic from your MFD's IP Address. If they don't know how, simply disable it by opening the application and turning it off for the time being. Once scanning has been setup, they may reenable the firewall with the understanding that scanning may not work.
To Program the Source (MFD):

You must know the IP address of the MFD, as we will be programming the addressbook entry from the web interface.

Open a web browser (perferrably Internet Explorer, there has been some issues with Firefox) and type the IP Address of the MFD into the address bar. Once at the interface you will need to login using one of the following combinations:

User: admin
Pass: (Blank)

User: (Blank)
Pass: password

Once logged in, you should see a link for your addressbook on the left side of the screen, click on it.

Click on "Add" or "New" in your addressbook and it will create a new entry for you. There are certain fields that you will have to fill in:

Name = This is how it will be identified in log files on the unit
Display = This is what will appear on the button on the scanner

Folder Authentication: Specify a username and password
Username: 99% of the time have them use the same user name and password that they log in to there PC with.
Password: Enter the password associated with the above username

Folder section:

Path: put your UNC path here i.e. \\hobbes\scans

Click Ok and it should be added to the address book!

Try it!

Common Problems in setting up Scan-To-Folder:
Somewhere there is a Firewall program running on the PC
The person typed their password in wrong
The "everyone" user was not added to the Permissions list
If the pc is connected to a domain you may need to enter the username in as "Domain\Username" example: pixelcreek\pfletcher

If you are still having issues, Contact PixelCreek Technologies at 888-968-1442


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