Setting Up Scan-To-Email (Savin)

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Setting Up Scan-To-Email (Savin)

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:25 pm

We will need to find out the customers SMTP server.

Do they host their own email? (MS Exchange, Lotus, Novell, etc..)
If they do we just need the IP Address of that server
If they do not, we will need to find out what they use for a Smtp server

Either check their Email program or ask what ISP they use.
If they use an ISP (SBC, Comcast) the customer will need to contact the ISP for the following info:

Smtp Server:

Once we have that information we will need the IP Address of the Savin

Type the IP Address into a web browser and bring up the web interface

You will need to log in to change the email settings..
Depending on the Model Number of the MFD use one of the following:

Username: (blank)
Password: password

Username: admin
Password: (blank)

Once logged in goto the "Configuration" Section

Under Device Settings you will find the Email setup. Once in there you will need to fill in the following fields:

Administrators Email Address =
Smtp Server = Either use the IP address of their mail server or the info provided by ISP
Smtp Authentication = The username and Password provided by the ISP
----------------Special Note on Authenticating-----------------
If they are hosting their own email (exchange, Lotus, or Novell) you will leave the Authentication OFF.

Now click ok or save to apply your changes!

The Scan-to-Email feature works like any other email program in that it uses a Sender and a Recipent. We will need to tell the Savin that we have programmed in a sender. To do this (must be done from the Savin, NOT the Web Interface) push User Tools, then goto System Settings. Now goto the File Transfer tab and goto the very bottom page. There will be a button that is labeled "Auto Specify Sender Name" or something similar. Make sure that is set to "On" or "Yes" (depends on the MFD model)

That is all! The user can either add email addresses to the Addressbook on the MFD or type them in Adhoc from the Scanner Interface.

If you are still having problems, contact PixelCreek Technologies at 888-968-1442


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