Setting up Scan-To-Folder

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Setting up Scan-To-Folder

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 04, 2009 6:14 pm

Open 'My Computer'
Open the 'C' drive ( typically called Local Disk C: )

Go to 'File' then 'New' then 'Folder'

Name your folder Scans (or if the IT contact or user would like it named something else)
Once the folder is created, right-click on the folder and click 'Sharing and Security'

This next section will look one of two ways-
*1. There will be a blue hyperlink reading "If you understand..." Click this and 'Just enable file sharing'
**2. There will be 2 radio buttons, one allowing the folder to be shared and one disabling sharing.

*If you are working with option 1, then put a check mark in both of the check boxes that appear and click OK
**If you are working with option 2, then enable sharing, click the Permissions button, and put a check mark in the "Full Control" box for the "Everyone" user. If the "Everyone" user is not listed there, click the 'Add' button. A dialog box will appear and type the word 'Everyone' and click the Ok button. Then set Full Control and click Ok. You'll also need to click on the 'Security' tab and do the same as the 'Sharing' tab.

Once you have that, test the share by going to, Start > Run and typing \\computername and clicking OK.

A window should appear showing all items at that computer that are shared out, including our new folder.

type the IP Address of the Toshiba in Internet Explorer (or another web browser). This will bring up the web interface.

Once TopAccess loads, click on the Administration Tab and login

Below your tabs in TopAcces, there will be several links for configuring the device. Click on 'Network' and make sure that the appropriate DNS numbers are configured in the machine. If they aren't, enter them and click save. This will reboot the controller, which can take as much as 2 minutes.

Once this is done, login to the Administration tab again, and click on 'Save to File'. The first few options are what ever preference you and the user would like setup. Select the option to Allow the use of Network Destinations. Then for Remote1 and Remote2, choose the 2nd radio button allowing users to choose the network path. Then click Save.

Now click on the Registration tab

You'll see a list of "undefined" templates, click on the first one that says "Undefined". Type a name for the Template, but you do NOT need to put a username at this point. That will come in later. Click Save

Now put a check mark in the "Scan" check box and another in "Save to File", and click "Select Agent".

Below you will now have 3 buttons to choose from. The first one you can set what the button on the copier will read. The second, is where you set the path, username, and password for the scan job, and the third is scan settings (i.e. color, page size, duplex...).

Click on the 2nd button. A window will pop up. Take the check mark out of "use local folder" and put a check beside "Remote 1".

Now fill in your path, username, and password and click Save. This will send you back to your template properties and click Save again.

Thats it!

**Remember if you try scanning and you get an error, you can look under the Log tab and see what the problem was.


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