Setting up Scan-To-Controller

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Setting up Scan-To-Controller

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 12, 2008 5:11 pm

One of the great things about the Toshiba Units is the ability to scan back to the hard drive of the unit and users can retrieve those by accessing a share folder on the controller itself. Here is how you set that up..

Type the IP Address into Internet Explorer (or Firefox)
Click on the Administration Tab on the far right
Enter the password (Default is 123456)
When the screen changes, click on "Save as File"

Local Storage Path
Choose option 1

Storage Maintenance
Choose "Do Not Delete Documents Automatically"

Choose "Do not allow any network folder to be used as a destination "

Leave the rest at their defaults and Click save.

Now, click on the Registration tab at the top.

Choose the first "Undefined" Template and click the link
Name the Template based on who or what you are going to scan here (i.e. Tom or Invoices)
Click Save
Click on Button 1
Put a check mark in "Scan" and on the right "Save as File" so your screen looks like this:

Then click on "Select Agent"

Click on the "Save as File Setting" button
Set your file type to the desired option and click save

Your options are set now.. Click Save at the top again.

You've now created the Scan to File(Controller) Template..
Test it..
(At the MFD)
Push Template
Push the button that you created
Then push the button labeled "Scan to File"
Load your paper in the Document Feeder
Press Start

Done cheers

Creating a Shortcut on the users desktop
At the PC:
Click "Start"
Click "Run"
type \\toshibahostname (i.e. \\mfp-03849028) and click Ok
Open the FileShare folder
You'll see a folder that matches your template name
Right-click on it and choose "Create Shortcut"


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