Setting Up Scan-To-Email -Quick Guide-

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Setting Up Scan-To-Email -Quick Guide-

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 12, 2008 4:27 pm

Type IP-Address into Internet Explorer (or Firefox)
Go to the Administration Tab on the far right
Enter the password (Default is 123456)
Click the Link for "Network" located below the tabs at the top
There will be a series of many links on the screen now

Choose SMTP Client

Click the button labeled "SMTP Client" which will open the configuration panel

Enter the SMTP server info (i.e. or

If the mail server requires authentication, you will need to enter that too.

Once those are entered, click save.

The next section down is the "SMTP Server" configuration

The machine will reboot (could take 2 min, could take 2 seconds)

Now to the right of the "Network" link, click "Email"

Fill in the appropriate information that goes in the fields.
The "From" address can be something fake in most cases. i.e.

Click Save

cheers DONE


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