Installing a Print Driver (Detailed)

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Installing a Print Driver (Detailed)

Post  Admin on Fri Sep 12, 2008 4:32 pm

Items needed:
Printer or MFD must be connected to the network
Print driver (you'll need to extract the driver file that you downloaded)

Setting up the Print Queue
Go to:
Printers and Faxes (you may need to go through the control panel)
Add Printer

A new wizard will pop up to walk you through the setup

Click Next at the Welcome Screen

Next you'll need to choose whether you want to install a local printer or a network printer

How to determine between Local or Network:
Local Printer: If this is a server and the queue will be shared out from this pc to the workstations
Local Printer: If there is no server at the customers location
Local Printer: If a user has a special print job that they do regularly, such as printing pay checks that are in tray 2, or such
Network Printer: If the print queue is shared out from a Server or another workstation acting as a server

Local Printer -
take the 'x' out of Automatically detect and click next

It is now going to ask you for a Port
Create a new Standard TCP/IP Port and click next

The next screen will ask you for the IP Address information, this is where you'll need your Config Page

On the config page, it will list a NETBIOS name or Machine Name for the MFD. Here are some examples:
Savin: RNP???????
Toshiba: MFP-??????

(or you can use the IP Address)

type this information into the field asking for the IP Address and click next

Once the port finishes being created, it will ask you for your print driver Manufacturer. Click on "Have Disk"

Now click the Browse button and locate the driver that you extracted (usually goes into c:\temp)
Once you've found it click Ok and click next

The screens that follow are at the users discretion. Sharing, default, location, and comment, can be determined by them.

Click Finish at the end and your queue should appear in the list.

Right click on the print queue and select Properties. Inside there choose either Accessories or Configuration and selet the options that go with that printer and click Apply.

Go to the General Tab and print a test page and you should be done!

If you continue to have problems, contact PixelCreek Technologies at 888-968-1442


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