Setting Up Fax Fowarding

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Setting Up Fax Fowarding

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:55 pm

First you need to determine where they would like the scans to end up.

If they would like the fax to go to an:
Email - you'll need to setup scan to email and add the destination email address to the address book of the Savin
Folder - you'll need to setup a scan to folder address book entry on the Savin (remember to check your DNS numbers)
Another Fax unit - you'll need to setup a address book entry for the destination fax number on the Savin

Whatever way they would like to go, the destination needs to be setup in the address book of the Savin and TESTED, prior to setting up fax forwarding!

i.e. - if they would like the fax forwarded to, you must setup scan to email, add to the address book, then try SCANNING to that email address before you setup the fax to forward

You must enter an email address in the "Administrator's Email Address" field in Web Image Monitor under Device Settings -> Email, and turn on the "Auto Specify Senders Name" on the Savin under User Tools -> System Settings -> File Transfer -> Auto Specify Senders Name. (In most cases that box is all the ways at the bottom)

Once you have the destination setup, turn Forwarding "On" by going to User Tools -> Fax Features -> Reception Settings -> Forwarding
When this gets turned on, a new screen will appear asking for the destination
Highlight the entry that you have already created and tested (some models will put email addresses under "Internet Fax")
Push OK to save you selection

Disabling Printing of Faxes:

If the customer would like the fax to be forwarded an not receive a paper copy as well:
Goto 'User Tools -> Fax Features-> Admin Tools (Initial Settings on some models) -> Parameter Settings
This will display a screen with many numbered boxes on it
Push box "11" and press the "6" on the screen OR keypad
This will change bit '6' to a 0 (zero) rather than 1 (one)
Push 'OK' -> and press 'Ok' again on the next screen

This will make the unit forward the fax and NOT print the fax as well. If they would also like a paper copy, you'll want bit 6 to be at '1'.
If they choose to NOT have a paper copy, reassure the customer that if the Savin is unable to forward the fax properly, it WILL print the fax instead.

As always see Fletch if you have any issues.


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